27 September 2021: BTC, Nuclear Energy, & China

Nuclear energy and bitcoin miners begin to eye one another

We hope you’re starting Monday with a bang and had a rejuvenating weekend to boot.

We’re going to leave our commentary out for today’s news and only list the most relevant headlines of the day.

Top Stories of the Day

Bitcoin Miners Go Nuclear in Search of Clean Energy

USDT sell-off against yuan intensifies on crypto OTCs after China's crackdown

30% Of Chinese Residents Use VPNs - Is a True Crypto Ban Even Possible?

Algorand 3.0 will be released to MainNet on Sep 29th!

OpenSea raises $100M at $1.5B valuation for NFT marketplace


Bitcoin breaking new highs in Q4 will ‘temporarily turn alts to dust’ — Analyst

Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, AVAX, ALGO, XTZ, EGLD


Cardano’s Commercial Arm to Invest $100M in DeFi, NFTs and Blockchain Education

DeFi Tokens PERP, DYDX Lead Crypto Market Higher, Bitcoin Nears $44K

How Decentralized Identity Can Take Crypto to the Next Level


Time’s Bot-Fueled NFT Drop Highlights Limits With the Market

Side-eyeing toddler meme from years ago becomes NFT worth over $76,000 in cryptocurrency

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