Happy Hump Day: Crypto & The Evergrande Situation

...and how NFTs change lives

Happy hump day ladies and gentlemen.


Two Reddit threads we strongly recommend you read.

The Redditor below does an excellent job summarizing the Evergrande situation.

The following thread, which almost seems comical given that we’re linking Reddit threads to begin with, discusses why you shouldn’t believe everything you read on Reddit.

Or in general, for that matter.

Use your noggin’ folks.

Don’t trust us either.

Do your own research and listen to your intuition.

Evergrande’s Situation on Crypto

This is why you should not take advice from random Redditors


How NFTs are Impacting Artists’ Lives: Enter Bullseum

We love this and are beyond excited to see how NFTs make an impact in other industries across the marketplace, and how they are ultimately implemented.

Other Notable Headlines

Ethereum Scaling Solution Arbitrum Reaches $1.5B TVL – September 13

Pour Conclure

We’re keeping it short and concise today.

We’ll see ya’ll tomorrow.

Your Pal,

The Gopher


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