Ruh Roh! Bitcoin Takes a Hit & Falls Below $43,000


Bitcoin Falls Below $43,000 as Global Market Rout Infects Crypto

Bitcoin dropped as much as 10.7% to $42,522 in New York trading hours, reaching the lowest level since the beginning of August. That point is also below its Sept. 7 low, when the coin dropped as much as 17% in less than an hour. Other digital assets also retreated, with Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Ether all declining. 

Should I sell?

Oh no!

What do I do?


Friends, ups and downs are just the nature of this game.

There’s nothing to worry about.


A Possible Scenario

We mentioned this a few weeks back, so don’t be surprised if this happens:

There may be a big dip through the entire market before the bull run really takes off.

In other words, it’s possible cryptocurrencies could crash all across the board before they ultimately climb even higher than they are now.

For example, we could see Bitcoin crash towards 10k, right before it begins its big move up towards 100k+.

Will this happen?

Maybe not.

It’s just a possibility.

Longterm though, BTC will be going up.

Pour Conclure

There really isn’t any particular news we thought was worthwhile to report on otherwise.

However, if we did miss something today, please, don’t be afraid to let us know.

Your Pal,

The Gopher


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